Top 10 Tips for ALL Martial Artists (Grapplers, Kickboxers, etc.)

I’ve trained and worked out with a TON of people in the last 42 years.

I’ve noticed personality traits and habits of both those who go on to become very good (and stay that way)…

…and those who don’t ever become very good or simply give up out of frustration. 

Check out this list & see what traits and habits that you can adapt. Once you do, they WILL transform your training & skills. Here you go…

Top 10 Traits of Great Martial Artists…

1. Take notes every time you train, & write down whatever
you learn OR ideas you come up with.

2. Always show up for training …even when you physically
can’t train.

3. When you have a question about fighting, find a good
answer for it before you train again.

4. Always be the most focused person in the training session

5. Study (not just “practice”) fighting in between training sessions

6. Practice outside of class far more than you practice in class
(otherwise, you CAN’T possibly expect to be any better than
anyone else in class)

7. Recognize that training partners will come and go, but insist
that you stay constant.

8. Develop (or learn) a philosophy relating martial arts to life

9. Call yourself a martial artist (or grappler, kickboxer, etc.),
rather than saying you DO martial arts

10. Insist that you become the most skilled (martial arts-wise)
person you know

If you don’t see these traits in yourself, tape this list up on
your mirror and become the person I just described.

Keep training,


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