North South “1 Arm” Choke

Here’s a video clip of a powerful choke hold that can be done with one arm! It’s the favorite move of James Brasco (BJJ Black Belt, World No-Gi Champion
& World Extreme Fighting Champion).

The technique starts in side-control, but instead of going to mount like your opponent expects, you go the other direction towards his head (north-south)…

…and apply a one-armed choke from there! And, since you have one hand free, be sure to watch the end of the video to see what James does with that spare hand to make the
choke even better!

  • Instead of fighting for mount, you can go to north south
  • One hand under opponent’s neck, other blocks his hip
  • Flatten out, circle towards neck
  • Use free hand to push yourself down (seperates his chin from his chest)
  • Can trap his other arm with your free arm from above or below