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This beautiful, ultra-vicious, spring assisted 8-inch tactical knife  has an ultra sharp black stainless steel blade, a glass breaker stud and a life-saving seat-belt cutter.

This Master USA Ballistic Spring Assisted Knife is an incredibly well-engineered piece of equipment and is the perfect way to make sure you are always prepared for any outdoor camping, survival or self-defense situation, no matter where you go or what you do.  

The Master USA Ballistic Knife Features:

  • A corrosion resistant, ultra-sharp, 3 1/2 inch blade made of stainless steel that opens lightning fast
  • A seat belt cutter in case you need a quick escape 
  • A glass breaker that shatters a windshield or drops an attacker in an instant
  • Handle ridges to ensure a tight, no-slip grip
  • A thumb stud on the back of the blade so you can open it lightning fast

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