How To Make Grappling Effective For REAL Self Defense

When you train at your grappling gym, you’re probably missing a very important grappling drill that will make your training much more effective for actual life and death situations you may end up in.

In this video, I describe a drilling method I’ve used successfully with my students that has helped them feel much more confident against an armed opponent.


Key points to remember:

  • • Use a rubber knife, a fake gun, a club, a beer bottle…to simulate any and all weapons.
  • • Just start grappling easily, and let your opponent do naturally what he’d do with the weapon, and you respond the best you can.
  • • Don’t be concerned with specific weapons disarm techniques for now. Use the grappling skills  you already have.
  • • Expect that you’ll do badly at first, but that you’ll improve a lot after a few sessions