How To DISLOCATE attackers arm from beneath him

Here’s an incredibly effective move to instantly dislocate any attacker’s shoulder when HE’S on top of you. You can also teach it to your wife, girlfriend or daughter it works perfectly in a rape situation, too.

I can promise you from personal experience that this move WORKS on the street (and, it’s VERY easy to learn.) This is one of those moves that makes a mugger wish they’d picked an easier target. WARNING: Please…make sure that you (or anyone you show this to) practices it SLOWLY. I don’t want you to hurt someone you care about.

This slick move is taught by James Brasco, a world-class self-defense expert, Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt and professional cage-fighter.

    1. • Move attackers hands to the ground
    2. • Grip his wrist
    3. • Uncross legs
    4. • Sit up, reach over attackers arm & grab own wrist
    5. • Lay back down onto other hip
    6. • Crank attackers arm up behind his back