Choke Him or Break His Arm…

We’ve all seen that “choke hold” from behind another guy, right? You know the one… cops use it, UFC fighters use it, hell, even most kids know it now. But guess what?

You might get that choke on an attacker, but he COULD slip his head out. Or worse, you put it on too long and KILL the guy, sending YOU to jail.

But, there’s a solution. James Brasco’s going to show you a secret move that works if EITHER he slips his head out OR you choose not to use the choke and cleverly “let” him escape his head… putting him right into an ARM BREAK that will finish the fight. 

The steps to this move are:
1 – Release grip
2 – Take arm over his head & re-grip
3 – Fall back & to the side
4 – Throw leg over his head

That’s it.

Keep ready to BeatAnyAttacker!